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Concrete Repair Systems Llc in Orlando

Concrete Repair Systems LLC is a front runner in foundation repair industry dating back to 1987.  We provide services for soil stabilization, slab jacking, pressure grouting, epoxy injection, below-grade water proofing, joint repair and structural repair of concrete.

Our mainstream is pressure grouting- which is compaction of loose soils by pumping cement under pressure- under existing foundations and slabs that have settled due to improper compaction, erosion, loose soils or areas void of soils.

We use a 5,000 psi sand/cement mixture pumped under pressure to compact and displace the loose soils to stabilize structures attempting to raise settled slabs and foundations back as close as possible to the original grade and preventing further settlement. 

Epoxy injection structurally bonds fractured structures back together using a 100% solids epoxy resin fills fractures with strengths greater than the concrete itself. Cracked swimming pool shells, support columns and warehouse floor slabs are some of the projects that we repair.

Below-Grade Waterproofing is common in Florida where water intrusion from structurally unsound cold joint areas (slab meets block). We excavate soils along the affected area along the foundation down to the bottom of the footing cleaning the surface along the cold joint area. We then apply a liquid cold- applied elastomeric waterproofing membrane system to the surface preventing further water intrusion due to heavy rains or high water table saturating the soils.

Solving these types of problems for agitated home owners is our priority!

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